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Dearly Beloved,

       We are logged in here at the eGrave of Lucy Acres, brought to you by ForeverPrized.com,  to commemorate a cowgirl’s life, a poet’s life, a life that began on a farm near what used to be Whiskeytown, California in 1933 and ended there 77 years later in 2010.    In between, she rode the ridges and ranges while writing the lines and rhymes that have roped in so many admirers at www.TheCartoonCowgirlForever.com.       
       While it may be true that she’s buried on that farm in front of her two husbands and next to her last horse, a bay mare called Bell, we like to think of Lucy being here Online with us, in an eGrave that is Airtight and Moisture-free.  It is only here at her eGrave in Harmony Glades where we can link to her poetry, blog about her life and her digitized Essence, or, for an additional fee, send her text messages through our new grexting (grave + text) service.
       Her friends Dusty, Leo, and Calamity Janet are here in attendance.  So is her daughter Annie.  Lucy’s two granddaughters logged in earlier though I believe they went aside to a chat room.    But they will all tell us that Lucy deserves this medium-price-range eGrave (if not a more elite one in our Whispering Dells) because she was one of those rare Souls who not only led a colorful life but had the poetry to capture the colors.    With my Posthumous Vanity Publishing (PVP) service, her final poem, The Cartoon Cowgirl, was published at www.TheCartoonCowgirlForever.com.    And because of PVP, we have another group of visitors here today:  Lucy’s fans.
       This eGrave is really about Lucy so it is appropriate that I conclude her e-Ulogy with these Words of Mine:  “No ashes to ashes/ no dust to dust/ don’t worry about Lucy getting dirty or wet/because in an eGrave we trust.”

                    Rest in Internet Peace,

                    Edgar Scattergood

                    Dr. Edgar B. Scattergood,
                    Chief Executive Officer
                    ForeverPrized.com, Inc.

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